ARG’s First Meeting- A Success!!


A massive thank you to the twenty-nine clinicians and researchers who turned out for our first meeting yesterday. We hope that you found it as interesting and fun as we both did.

The mind boggles at what technology can potentially do for our client groups in the future. We clearly need to get our skates on if we are all going to keep up with the technology the EVA team showed us yesterday! But, if  FREE (!) e-learning tools like the “Better Conversations with aphasia” is the start of a new trend, then gaining this knowledge will  be easier than we thought…

Links to both research project power-point slides are to follow (promise) so please do spread the word to our teams and colleagues about both exciting new research projects.

We now have some fantastic ideas from you all about how to take ARG forwards and over the next few weeks we will be carrying out some furious planning to make sure that the clinicians and researchers among us get the most out of being an ARG community member. For those of you of were unable to attend yesterday, or have just forgotten what we agreed,  here is a brief summary of suggested uses of ARG Meetings:

  • platform for presentations from active research programmes
  • forum for researchers to gain clinician’s opinions on current and proposed research ideas
  • “safe-space” for PhD students to present their ideas to interested people
  • opportunity to share up to date knowledge about an area of aphasia research or intervention (any brave PhD students out there wiling to share their literature review?!-gulp!)
  • place for clinicians and researchers to “buddy-up”  so that research is meaningful to clinical practice, and clinicians can find opportunities to become more research active

We agreed that each meeting will be topic specific. ARG members are suggesting topics and we are compiling them into a list (see topic page on this blog for details:

I think that is all for now. As soon as we have yesterdays power-point presentations we will place them on the blog.

Thanks once again for a fantastic turnout and see you at the next meeting on Wed 1st May.

Firle & Sharon

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