Better Conversations with Aphasia: site now live!!

Better Conversations with Aphasia is now live!  


To access the resource, visit click ‘select’ and set yourself up with a login. Remember, it’s free and accessible to all! Happy browsing – an online survey will be added soon so that you can give us feedback.

The website provides:

  • a structured online learning environment for Speech and Language Therapists (SLTs) to develop their skills in delivering conversation therapy.
  • a resource for People with Aphasia (PwA) and their family/friends who wish to find out about others’ experiences of participating in conversation therapy, and making and watching videos of themselves as part of this.

The website contains:

  • video clips of conversations between PwA and their families/friends
  • video clips of therapy in action
  • therapy handouts and information sheets
  • a range of study resources for SLTs including reflective logs and quizzes
  • expert views from PWA of conversation therapy and video work, in audio and video format
  • resources for general support

In addition, users of the website will have access to an online Conversation Therapy Network for peer support and expert advice.


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