6th November Meeting: What’s in store…

Well ARG followers, we have a really exciting agenda for our next meeting!

The focus is on collaboration in research. We really want ARG to be a platform from which clincians and researchers can develop new ideas and strengthen existing research partnerships.

The meeting will be split in 2. The first part will follow the same format as previous meetings. We will have 2 speakers, talking for 15 minutes each, with 15 minutes after each talk for people to ask questions, discuss what they have heard. Details about these talks are below.

The second part will be the Research Generator Workshop (RGW). This is ARG’s new, interactive session designed to get members talking and thinking practically about new research ideas. More information about this can be found here: RGW.

PART 1: Our November speakers are will both be talking about how we can strengthen collaboration between clinicians and researchers….

Dr Madeline Cruice (City University) will talk to ARG about her experiences in a talk called:

Title: Measuring outcomes? Making a difference together!

Summary: This talk will discuss formal and informal approaches (measures and methods) we can use with clients with aphasia to improve our case management in exploring priorities, setting goals, measuring outcomes, and capturing impact. It will blend published evidence with clinical case examples and clinical research projects, and additionally demonstrate a fruitful method of working together to create new knowledge for practice.

Dr Emma Pagnamenta (RCSLT Research Manager) will then talk about how the RCSLT can support ARG and it’s members to foster collaborative relationships…

Title: Collaborations in research and the role of the RCSLT

Summary: Why we should be engaging in clinical research and the essential contribution that clinicians and researchers play?  This presentation will consider collaboration as essential to move our evidence base forward and secure the future of our profession, giving some examples from the RCSLT research network.  I will also outline how the RCSLT can support research collaboration through hubs, research networks, and by providing direct support to members.

Part 2: Research Generator Workshop

Now this is important, BEFORE you attend the meeting on the 6th November, please can you have a look at the presentation below. This will form the basis of the RGW activity on the 6th November.

PRESENTATION LINK: Towards a ‘standarised’ scripted everyday exchange

So now all you need to do is get your tickets. It is free to attend- just use the EventBrite invitation below:


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