My Beautiful Broken Brain


Dear ARG Members,

Do have a read of this from a production company trying to make a film about aphasia- they need our support…


My Beautiful Broken Brain. A film about 34 year old Lotje Sodderland, who in November 2011 experienced a massive life-threatening brain haemorrhage – regaining consciousness in a world where words were incomprehensible, sound and vision distorted and where her peripheral vision was filled with frightening hallucinations.  Still unable to speak or even think properly she started using her iPhone to record every changing moment. Two weeks later she asked her family to contact friend and filmmaker Sophie Robinson to see if she would help document her rapidly changing life.

 This film couldn’t have happened at another time. We live in an age where Lotje had access to an iPhone and the foresight to capture her experience.  And now with Kickstarter we can build a community, allowing a more nuanced, personal story to be made into a documentary.  We wanted to make My Beautiful Broken Brain independently – staying true to the way Lotje sees the world using graphics and picture enhancement.  For sound design we’ve been talking to award winning composer, Nick Ryan, who, due to a neurological disorder, hears sound in the same way Lotje does.  For Sophie it was imperative to keep filming as soon as she met Lotje: ‘I have learnt so much about the human brain and the power of the human mind by sharing Lotje’s story with her, which is why I believe this film must be finished and shared.’ 


Help us make this happen by: 



Thanks so much!


Sophie Robinson

Creative Director


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