ARG’s first 2014 offering…12th Feb!!!

Dear ARG Members,

To help with any new year resolutions why not stretch your legs and jump on board with our next ARG meeting? When, when I hear you cry? Well we’ll be meeting on the 12th of Feb, back at Chandler House in the basement room B02. You’ll be glad you came, we have a really exciting line up and I’m not just saying that because I am speaking!

Confirmed Presenters

Lara Galante (2nd Year PhD Student City University):

The focus of Lara’s PhD is the standardisation of a new functional communication assessment called The Scenario Test. This is a great opportunity to find out about this new assessment, and to learn more about how a test is standardised and to find out how a person’s cognitive abilities may impact on their functional communication.

Firle Beckley (2nd Year PhD Student UCL) Helping people with aphasia have better conversations:

I am going to talk about my PhD which has two main aims. The first is to compare two different speech and language therapies to see which best helps people with aphasia (PWA) have better conversations, the second is to profile the cognitive skills of the participating PWA, to see if this can tell us more about who benefits most from these types of therapy.

Research Generator Workshop

We have two workshop participants for this meeting Dr Suzanne Beeke a senior researcher at UCL and Anna Volkmer a highly specialist SLT from the South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

Both Suzanne and Anna will be picking our brains about their research ideas related to Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA). This will be a great opportunity to discuss and  hopefully positively influence the shape of their research ideas in this area, and to find out more about two highly experiences professionals views in this area, hot off the press!

Hope to see you all on the 12th Feb. Eventbrite tickets are available this week and as usual attendance is free so come along…

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