Reflections on yesterday’s meeting

Weather in Manchester yesterday, image courtesy of (wind_2820435b)
Weather in Manchester yesterday, image courtesy of (wind_2820435b)


A huge thank you to all of you who managed to make it yesterday, both presenters and audience we just hope that you all managed to get back home without armbands, falling over or any overnight stays in Euston!

We have set up a new page of previous speakers talks, here is a quick link :

It was exciting to see how ARG can be used as a platform for sharing research being done in both academic and clinical environments, and hinted at how useful ARG might be for those of us floating new research ideas and trying to ensure both their rigour and clinical relevance. It will be great to follow up Anna and Suzanne’s PPA quests later in  year to see what they have done with the information we all discussed yesterday.

If anyone has any further thoughts about PPA clinical pathways, tips for Anna’s research protocol or any other comments about Lara’s or my talk please do use the comment function of this blog to start a discussion (new year, new relationship with technology!!??).

All the best and we hope to see you all at our next meeting on the 4th June (Chandler House room G15), hey and maybe it will be sunny then!


Firle & Sharon.

2 thoughts on “Reflections on yesterday’s meeting”

  1. Hi Sharon and Firle,

    I really enjoyed the event – it was my first time but I will definitely attend in June. Sharon, we briefly talked about the possibility of me presenting and I would be very keen to do this. Let me know your thoughts re meeting up before etc.
    All the best,
    Heidi Feld

    1. Dear Heidi,

      That would be great! Our next meeting is in June. Can you send us a brief outline of what you would like to talk about ( and whether you would like to do a 15 min presentation or whether you would like to use the RGW format.
      Really glad you enjoyed the event.

      Best Wishes,

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