Your help is needed!!- Improving Research Outcome Measurement in Aphasia – Survey

Dear ARG Members,

Please see below from Sarah Wallace in Queensland, Australia:

I am writing to ask your assistance in distributing a survey. I am working with Professor Linda Worrall, Dr Tanya Rose and Professor Guylaine Le Dorze to conduct an international research project to improve the way we measure outcomes (results) in aphasia research.

We aim to do this by developing a core outcome set (COS). A COS is an agreed, standardised set of outcomes and outcome measures for use in research. By improving the way we measure outcomes in aphasia research we hope to improve the quality of evidence about aphasia treatments.

To make a COS, we need to know which outcomes (results) are most important to stakeholders in aphasia rehabilitation. This will help us to ensure that aphasia research is relevant and meaningful. We have already gathered the opinions of: 1) people with aphasia, 2) family members and friends of people with aphasia, and 3) aphasia researchers.

Now we would love to hear from the clinicians who work with people living with aphasia and their managers. It is essential that we gather the perspectives of clinicians and managers from all over the world if this research is to be globally relevant.

Participants are asked to complete three (3) short surveys (over a period of 3-6 months). Each survey is short and should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

This is the link to the first survey:
I would like to ask your help to distribute this link to as many speech pathologists and their managers who work with people with aphasia as possible.

More information about this study is available via this link:
You can also read more about the current practices in aphasia outcome measurement and COSs in this recently published article:
and this PowerPoint presentation:

Thank you for your help!
Sarah Wallace.

Sarah Wallace

Aphasia United Secretariat
PhD Candidate and Research Assistant

NHMRC CCRE in Aphasia Rehabilitation | Communication Disability Centre | School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences | The University of Queensland


Twitter: @SarahJWallace

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