ARG Update

Dear ARG members,


We are looking forward to seeing you all at our next meeting on the 15th Oct, 3pm at Chandler House.

To book your  FREE place click here:

We have two great speakers lined up for you:

Carolyn Bruce  (UCL): What’s cooking? A comparison of an activity oriented and a traditional programme of therapy on the language performance of people with aphasia. (Carolyn Bruce, Caroline Brodie and Caroline Newton)

Many people with aphasia have problems naming objects and actions, which makes it difficult for them to produce sentences and have conversations. Picture naming therapy is a popular intervention used for word finding difficulties, but gains made in therapy do not always generalise to sentence production and everyday conversations.

 Studies in aphasia as well as cognitive and educational psychology suggest that language may be learnt more effectively when words are produced in sentences and in tasks based on real-life situations. Moreover, there may be additional benefits if people have to carry out the action when naming the verb. Recent findings suggest that there may be a link between areas of the brain responsible for actions and those responsible for language (Pulvermüller, 2005). However, little specific research is available to support this practice with people with aphasia.

 The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of an activity orientated programme (cooking therapy) on word retrieval and narrative production in individuals with chronic aphasia with a more traditional programme of therapy (cooking related therapy).

Pulvermüller, F. 2005: Brain mechanisms linking language and action. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 6 (7), 576-582.

Lucy Dyson (University of Sheffield): Lucy works part-time as an SLT in Rotherham and is completing a PhD investigating the assessment of semantic processing in people with aphasia, and the relationship between cognitive processing and performance on tests of semantics.


ID-10045442On top of this the winners of ARG’s seed fund award we be giving us the low down on what they intend to do with our support AND finally we want to review ARG’s future with you all– so come along and have a chance to make a real difference to how ARG works over the coming year, including running it if you fancy…

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