Better Conversations with Aphasia – survey launched!

Dear SLTs working in the UK and Republic of Ireland

We know how hectic your working life is. Caseloads and waiting lists are often hefty and weigh on our minds from dawn to dusk. We know you want resources that are quick and accessible, and yet evidence based and effective. Better Conversations with Aphasia aims to be such a resource. But is it really that helpful to you? What bits of it do you actually use? Has it changed your practice? What bits could be improved? What are the barriers to you using it more regularly?

We want to evaluate the impact of BCA on the clinical practice of SLTs. If we know what works we can make more of it, and if we know what needs changing we can make sure we do that too.

We invite you to complete our 15 minute survey:

You can choose to go into a prize draw for a £30 Amazon gift voucher!

Many thanks for reading this message, we hope you will help us by completing the survey.


On behalf of the BCA Team

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