ARG Seed Fund- *££* towards a good research idea!!

As promised here are the details…

By Keerati, published on 09 August 2013 Stock Photo - image ID: 100191401
By Keerati, published on 09 August 2013
Stock Photo – image ID: 100191401

What is this?

ARG wants to encourage you to start doing some research- enough of all this talking, lets put some of it into action!

We have put together a fund  of £250 for one or a number of you to use towards a mini-project, or audit that will drive forward research in the area of aphasia.

What do you have to do?

Well, never liking to stick to tradition- we want anyone who is interested to pitch their idea at the next ARG meeting on the 10th September. In line with ARG’s philosophy of aphasia research & bringing researchers and clinicians together proposals need to focus on people with aphasia and/or fostering collaborative ventures in aphasia research.

 Proposals can be towards funding a:

  • Small scale research project
  • Clinical audit
  • Pilot that might lead to a larger research proposal e.g. MSc, PhD or Post doc.

The grant can  be spent in the following ways:

  • Researchers travel expenses e.g. getting to a research participant
  • Participant expenses reimbursement for participating in a study
  • Stationary Costs: stamped addressed envelopes, colour printing for advertising, booklets, leaflets
  • Venue costs e.g. accessible building for a focus group?
  • Catering e.g. for participants in a group
  • Equipment/Assessment/Outcome measures not currently accessible
  • Employment of a UCL student to work as a student research assistant e.g. to assist with analysis of data, writing up results/presentations (this will be funded using a lump sum in the form of a student stipend)

 Pitches needs to include:

  • Why this is work needed
  • Why ARG monies are needed
  • A timeline (you need to be able to present your work to ARG at the first ARG meeting of 2015)
  • How much money you would like and how you plan to spend it
  • Outcomes measure
  • The ability to present the outcomes of your project

However, please note that the grant cannot be used  in the following ways: 

  • Reimbursing your clinical time i.e. we cannot pay for you to do work outside your clinical contract
  • Equipment for your department to keep- any items you purchase, such as an assessment will be the property of ARG. For example you may wish to purchase a new assessment to trial as part of your pilot to explore how it can be used in your setting. This is fine, but once your research is finished you will need to return the assessment to ARG. ARG will then add this to their library and other members can borrow it to trial in their clinical/research setting.

There will be brownie points for any proposals that show how they intend to work collaboratively across the academic/clinic environments– so use your new ARG buddies!

Process on 10th September 2014:

  1. People email pitch send to ARG hotmail
  2. ARG chairs choose top proposals for presentation at ARG on 10th Sept
  3. The selected proposing teams present their ideas at September ARG and members vote in session for their first choice
  4. Dependent on budgets requested top 1 or 3 projects win a slice of the seed fund monies
  5. Winning seed fun projects to report back to ARG in the first ARG meeting of 2015

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