Previous speakers’ presentations 2014

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ARG Meeting Presentations 2014
ARG Meeting Presentations 2014

Meeting: 12th Feb 2o14


Speaker 1: Lara Galante (PhD student City University)

Cultural adaptation and psychometric testing of the Scenario Test for people with aphasia

Speaker 2: Firle Beckley (Stroke Association Junior Research Fellow, UCL)

Helping people with aphasia have better conversations

Research Generator Workshop Materials

Speaker 1: Dr Suzanne Beeke (UCL) Conversation in PPA-discussion points

Speaker 2: Anna Volkmer (SLAM) Conversation based therapies in PPA- questions for RGW

Meeting: 4th June 2014

Speaker 1: Prof Rosemary Varley (UCL)

How should we treat apraxia of speech?

Speaker 2: Sharon Adjei: Treatment for Global Aphasia

Treatment for Global Aphasia

Research Generator Workshop Materials

Heidi FeldCommunication Risk Assessment –a useful tool for Speech and Language Therapists?



Meeting: 15th October 2014

Speaker 1: Lucy Dyson (Stroke Association Junior Research Fellow, University of Sheffield)

Show me the carrot

Speaker 2: Carolyn Bruce (UCL)

What’s cooking?

ARG Seedfund award winners

Anna Volkner (SLT, SLAM)

Growing research ideas for SLT and PPA


Nicola Sirman (Solent NHS Trust, UCL)


Better_Conv_NOstrap_leftalignedBetter Conversations Champions :Nicola Sirman’s seedfund pitch

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