Previous speakers’ presentations 2015

Another team, another logo!


Meeting: 3rd Feb 2015


Speaker 1: Holly Robson (Academic SLT and Lecturer @ Reading)

Assessing Recovery of Language Comprehension post Stroke – ARCS

Speaker 2: Katy Hopkins (Research Design Service London @ UCL)

RDS London at UCL: Getting the most out of working with us

Speaker 3: Anna Volkmer (SLT South London and the Maudsley NHS Trust)

Seed fund feedback: Growing ideas for speech therapy and PPA


Meeting: 17th June 2o15


Speaker 1: Paul Conroy (SLT Lecturer @ Manchester)

Multi-dimensional therapy: Challenges of implementation and measurement

Speaker 2: Charly Harris (SLT @ First Community Health and Care CIC)

Intensive intervention to communicate with people with dementia

Speaker 3: Arpita Bose (Lecturer @ Reading)

Phonological therapy in jargon aphasia: Clinical and theoretical implications


British Aphasiology Society Conference: September 2o15

ARG poster


Meeting: 9th December 2o15

Research Generator Workshop: Digital Speech Therapy Design


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