Previous speakers’ presentations 2016

Meeting: 16th March 2016


Speaker 1: Anneline Huck (PhD student @ City University)

Patterns of silent reading in aphasia: Insights from the analysis of eye movements

Speaker 2: Vitor Zimmerer (Postdoc @ UCL)

When sentences are treated like words: Language formulas in aphasia

Speaker 3: Tadhg Caffrey (UCL Public Engagement Unit)

Public Engagement at UCL

Speaker 4: Ros Yu (PPI manager, UCL)

The whys and wherefores of patient and public involvement in clinical research at UCL


Meeting: 15th June 2o16


Speaker 1: Chris Hardy (PhD student @ UCL)

Auditory information decoding in primary progressive aphasia

Speaker 2: Suzanne Beeke (Senior lecturer @ UCL)

The VOICE study: Development and testing of a communication skills training intervention for healthcare professionals caring for people with dementia in acute hospitals

Speaker 3 / Research Generator Workshop: Hannah Luff (Lead SLT @ SLAM NHS Trust)

Training for people with dementia and their carers


Meeting: 12th October 2o16

(Joint event with UCL Language & Cognition Seminar Series)


Speaker 1: Charlie Chung (stroke specialist occupational therapist @ Dunfermline, Fife)

The development of a task applied executive function model to inform assessment and intervention in stroke rehabilitation

Speaker 2: Elizabeth Rochon (Senior Scientist @ University of Toronto)

Recent findings from an anomia therapy study: Reflections on treatment intensity in chronic aphasia


Meeting: 7th December 2o16


Speaker 1: Firle Beckley (PhD student @ UCL)

Communication strategy training in aphasia: What are we doing now, and what works best?

Speaker 2: Sharon Adjei (PhD student @ UCL)

Effectiveness of a novel, non-verbal cognitive intervention for functional communication in global aphasia

Speaker 3: Susan Howell (PhD student @ UCL)

Measuring change in a peer-led social communication skills intervention following brain injury