Previous speakers’ presentations 2017

Meeting: 22 March 2o17


Speaker 1: Dr Jackie Kindell (University of Manchester)

Using narrative and conversation analysis to explore interaction in semantic dementia

Speaker 2: Dr Aida Suarez-Gonzalez (Dementia Research Centre, UCL Institute of Neurology)

Reablement of Language and Reading in Degenerative Dementia

Speaker 3: Rosemary Townsend (Dyscover)

A pathway for PPA management within Dyscover


Meeting: 14 June 2o17


Speaker 1: Victoria Fleming and Dr Sonia Brownsett (UCL Institute of Neurology)

Developing a tablet-based auditory comprehension therapy for individuals with post-stroke aphasia

Speaker 2: Elizabeth Anderson (University of Sheffield)

Construction grammar and aphasia


Meeting: 20 September 2o17


Speaker 1: Lucie Hogger (SLT @ The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust)

Measuring changes in discourse after social communication skills training in people with ABI: using Exchange Structure Analysis

Speaker 2: Dr Abi Roper (City, University of London)

INCA Project: Inclusive Digital Content for People with Aphasia

Speaker 3: Dr Steven Bloch (Department of Language & Cognition, UCL)

Post-CVA dysarthria: Exploring UK SLT provision and service user experiences


Meeting: 6 December 2o17

Speaker: Lucy Series (School of Law and Politics, Cardiff University)

Supported decision making under the Mental Capacity Act 2005