Previous speakers’ presentations 2013

Previous Presentations

If you missed out…on this page you will find links to as many ARG speaker presentations as we can lay our hands on.


Meeting 1

Talk 1:

Evaluating the effects of a virtual communication environment for people with aphasia

Talk 2:

Better Conversations with aphasia: ARG presentation

Meeting 2

Talk 1:

PLORAS Talk Summary


Talk 2:

Research in the workplace. My experiences. Sharon Adjei

POSTER: The Impact of Carer Education and Support on the Psychosocial Wellbeing of Patients with Aphasia in the Acute Setting

Meeting 3

Talk 1:

‘Remote Aphasia Therapy: a feasibility study’. Dr Ceclia Wolf (awaiting presentation….)

Talk 2:

Changing the conversation: looking for mechanisms of change. Fiona Johnson, UCL, Guys & St Thomas’ Community Services

Talk 3:

The North East Essex Conversation Partner Scheme. Roisin Reade, Anglian Community Enterprise

Meeting 4 (Wed 6th November 2013)

Talk 1:

Dr Madeline Cruice: Measuring Outcomes. Making a Difference

Talk 2:

Dr Emma Pagnamenta:Collaborations in research and the role of the RCSLT

Research Generator Workshop:

Presentation from John Bentley (Central Essex SLT Team)

Towards a standardises, scripted ‘everyday exchange’

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